Monday, September 9

Dinosaurs vs Minorities

So I can't honestly say I remember the full context of how I ended up looking at my younger brother today and saying, "Not the mama!" Sibling conversations can get fuzzy fairly quickly, especially ours. And when he couldn't remember where that phrase was from but knew he should, I added, "I'm the baby--gotta love me!"

Obviously as the older sister I REFUSED to tell him the name of the show and he had to steal my laptop to look it up. The discussion that followed took a surprise turn when I said aloud while realizing:


The most diverse show I can think of right now is Jenji Kohan's, "Orange Is The New Black." It's brilliant. The casting is as great as the writing. That said, the stories are still told through a white perspective, even if the episodes often focus on non-white narratives.

The frequency of American shows that use a white lens, regardless of whose narrative is told, doesn't match up with our actual demographic makeup. I mean I'm glad I have Mindy Kaling's, "The Mindy Project." But dinosaurs were on primetime in the 90's. Mindy is just on her second season, in 2013. Other minorities who are greater in numbers in this country still don't have a single show on television. Dinosaurs have been dead for quite a while, but people alive and thriving around us--members of our own, living society--are nonexistent still on TV.

I had a lot more to say for this post, but quite frankly, it would just have ended up a longer rant that inevitably would end with sad feels.

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