Saturday, September 1


"If it's Sunday, it's Meet the Press." Well, it's only Saturday...
My dad makes us breakfast, after his early morning calls to his sisters in Bangladesh (circa 7AM CST). I sit with my black tea on the couch, expecting a day of infomercials and mostly handing the remote over to my mom so she can watch her cooking shows. No big revelation, the TV turns on to MSNBC, and Chris Hayes is up. Familiar faces, familiar voices, familiar outrage from coffee drinkers hunched over studio-lit glass tables.

Discussion on Melissa Harris-Perry's show gets heated and simmers like rolling hills as panelists I haven't seen before argue over whether women's reproductive rights ought to take priority over women's concern with economic policy. I can't help but scoff at a panelist, Monica Mehta, who seriously could not understand that women in the best economy in the world would be at a complete disadvantage compared to men as long as women's reproductive rights were dictated by GOP ideas. With each new topic, I felt a deeper level of disdain for this person's lack of perspective, and what would seem lack of common sense. Then came the subject of "Welfare," and THIS happened: 

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Finally, someone said it. The only way it could be--loud and clear. Out of anger. Out of frustration. A complete explosion. The things I can't explain when a coworker asks me how I could possibly like Obamacare, and I am speechless because it gives away more about him then I ever wanted to know. The quiet that has seeped into my veins since I moved to Wisconsin. The times I just can't indulge one more person's "curiosity." The very thing the glaze over my eyes may just be made of as I stand still in what must be a fish bowl. Spectacular and monstrous, the disconnect between the Americas demands acknowledgment in the clip above, and I felt relief wash over me as I watched it this morning. It's nice to see that there are still people who understand that being poor is not about going to Dairy Queen instead of starting a small business--that financial risks for the entrenched wealthy could never compare to the risks the impoverished communities of this country overcome every day.  Thank you, Melissa.

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