Sunday, August 12

You & Your Facebook Friends

Since 2005, my Facebook profile has changed in layout nearly as often as my profile the extent that I log in expecting to feel disoriented every time now. Most of us "users" have friend lists that have waxed and waned, often in the aftermath of attending super encouraging social events that remind us that we are, indeed, social creatures, or attending super discouraging events that remind us to purge all the people whose statuses we'd rather not know [every 5 minutes--isn't that for Twitter anyway?]. My "real-life" friends already know that I'm not one threatened by the idea of guilt from purging my friends lists as a high functioning introvert. It's almost to be expected.

But this weekend, I spent a few hours Facebook-stalking my surviving lists of friends (we accepted Facebook Friend Status mutually at some point, so it's less creepy?). People are engaged; people are married; people are raising children; people are still single and loving every moment of it; people are vacationing; people are working; people are serving; people are studying some more.

It made me ask myself, what am I doing?

At my desk, I don't have a lot of personal items like most of my co-workers. I don't take my current job personally, and I think if I did, I might endanger my sanity. On a shelf, I have a row of colored glass vials and bottles of various sizes and a black and white clock that droops off the shelf like Salvador Dali's do. And I have a dry-erase board I keep in my line of sight. When I bought it last year (and the only time I took the time to write on it), I had written, hoping to believe in moments of doubt:


As I pored through the "About" sections of my Facebook friends' profiles, I could see who continues to choose happiness; each of them continue seeking, not a fabled town called, "Happiness," but they experience happiness as they seek. And what they each seek is unique to who they each are.

I reviewed who I am, who I'd like to believe I might become someday. I asked myself again, what is it that I am now doing? Am I seeking anything, at all?

I looked again to the friends I miss and admire the most to this day--the resilient ones. They pursue what they are good at, and become even more proficient; developing expertise. I know what I'd like to be good at though am not yet. In my field, I was taught to instruct someone in my present state to come up with road maps; to begin with at least two points that can be connected by a path. And from one map, like an actual geographical map, I should explore alternates routes (e.g., scenic routes, shortest route, multi-destination routes, etc.).

The end result was an entire weekend of finally listing the graduate programs I'd like to apply towards before the end of this winter (God Willing), and all the steps and schedule I'll need to bear in mind. (OneNote, you are amazing, even without a PaperClip feature).

What I procrastinated for nearly three years I was inspired to do today because of my Facebook friends (and profile stalking). Thank you, Social Media.

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Zahir said...

Social Media is a blessing now a days. The theory "OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND" is going to be banned in future.

Md. Zahirul Kader