Saturday, February 25

Legislating Unto Women

Over the past year, GOP candidates were banking (no pun intended) on Americans staying unemployed, angry, and scared. Republicans during my lifetime have run on some secret understanding of The Economy that the rest of us just will never get, thus carrying the flag of the Pro-Business Party. And then Americans started working again. All the sound-bytes of criticism against the incumbent president--particularly that he has only been making everything even worse from the moment he took any public office--became less believable to average American families who saw improvement in their household financial situations.

Time to rotate in another time-tested political strategy for the party: SOCIAL CONSERVATISM.

This time, in addition to the typical homophobic, xenophobic, public education-phobic talk, the spotlight is on women's reproduction. Obviously, the same guys who have always understood The Economy are also expert legislators of women, in general. The party that has historically demanded Government to stay out of our pockets believes it can, however, be in not only the exam room with women and their doctors but further inside (or, as it has now been "compromised" to, AROUND) women's bodies. Sounds great--at least they won't be in my pockets?
The audacity, perversity, and sheer idiocy with which Republican political leaders (including 2012 presidential candidates, unanimously--yes, Ron Paul included) hope to change this country is the worst we've seen in generations, perhaps EVER. Fiscal conservatism, whatever that actually means (I'm not in on the secret since I'm too liberal to be worthy), has taken a back burner to women having to marry men only and only then having unprotected sex and then making sure they have each baby by whatever means necessary, dying in the process if they are truly moral beings. The last time a political party tried to take over women this way, they were called the Taliban.

If this is all Republicans have to say to convince America that one of them should be the next Chief of State of this nation, President Obama may have already won his second term.

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