Saturday, November 6

WordPress Not Impressive

I finally took this Saturday evening to address a long-overdue decision: WordPress or Blogger. After playing with the templates and settings, I just couldn't get what I wanted without editing script. If you're not familiar with WordPress, unlike Blogger, while you may change the CSS and preview your changes, you must purchase the upgrade to save them. Not cool. So Blogger it is. We go way back anyway :) Also still need to find my old Xanga blog and see if my account is still active. I've left such a mess online over the past decade. Anyone else feel like an online slob these days?

Updates to this blog: Yes, I know the new look is far more morbid than my old red and white, Audrey Hepburn wearing a scarf look. But Picaso's Guernica has been one of my recurring screen savers for nearly a decade now, and I think it represents the complexities I want to address but do not actually have the words for. The color scheme you are seeing was entirely tailored after the background image. I am aware Trebuchet or any sans serif font is more desirable on the web than Courier--deal with it. I want to try it out.

Goes without saying this blog is still very visibly under construction. If you notice a gaping hole in the left sidebar, I am still looking for the right widget. Turns out most widgets are useless. As of a few minutes ago, my attempt to upload a playlist widget of songs that I think capture the mood of the scheme through Grooveshark was an utter fail. Open to ideas here people. Another thing to look out for are pages (right now, you should only see Home and About Me). Back when I started, stand-alone pages were rare and difficult to create in Blogger. Now they're part of the package apparently! Have had some ideas long in the works that will hopefully materialize within the next few weeks and months.

As for upcoming posts...Can't say much, literally. I'm not sure what or when I'll have something to post, but I will admit I've been holding back for the past year because my blog was a bit of a mess anyway. Perhaps now I'll be more inclined to share...for better or worse :)

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