Monday, January 11

Not Unemployment

Otay. So I'm blogging again, caught in the not experienced enough to get experience job catch 22 with many of my peers. Time to commiserate.

Why is Rudy Guiliani still in the news? Who listens to this scumbag. Get off my news. Ew.

Other than that...I'm writing some overdue thank you cards to some really neat people.

Another development: As of last night, two of my recurring nightmares have hooked up in the lurking shadows of my subconscious mind and created a hybrid nightmare. If you recall, A) was Mr. T-Rex, himself, from Jurassic Park, coming after me while I suddenly would find myself frantically climbing a electric barbwire fence seconds away from being fried, all the while watching that red flashing bulb, in case I wasn't worried that the power was soon to come back on; B) was opening my eyes to meet the opening eye of a whale, as we both were at the bottom of a giant swimming pool...seeing my reflection in the whale's maniacal glare, starting to run but realizing I can only move in slow motion thanks to underwater physics...The result (AxB)=AB (I woke up in my nightmare to the opening eye of a T-Rex that I spent what seemed like a good week trying to slow motion under water).

Also, my current residence seems to rain--no, sprinkle--ladybugs around me. If someone could explain this, because at 9*F in Wisconsin, we're not exactly opening windows to let anything in...I just let the ladybugs hang noisily and hop...whatever it is they need to do as I type or study or apply for jobs. But it is a bit peculiar at times.

Finally, I think iLikes iPods. They're not as bad as I hoped they'd be...I mean, who doesn't love TapTap Revenge?

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