Sunday, November 2

Remember: Obama Knows Strategy vs. Tactic

The "Cerebral Candidate" may be of an elite group of individuals in this world who know how to function intellectually. DESPITE this worrisome possibility, a young Illinois senator is the leader of arguably the most successful campaign in United States history--even if he doesn't win on Tuesday. No one, not Dick Durbin, nor any cable news pundit, could have forseen the support the Obama Campaign has seemingly "discovered" in this nation over the past year. I wish I was Cerebral enough to explain how this came to be, but wishful thinking only goes so far :)

Instead, I wanted to run a hypothesis by you:

Why is the Democratic Strategist on the panel so quiet after the Republican Strategist asserts that they're close in the polls or even that they are winning?

Is it because McCain is really winning?

Personally, after going into emotional anaphalactic shock when I woke up and saw that Hilary Clinton won in the New Hampshire primary, I feel like a total vegetable when I see percentages. Sorry Chuck Todd--if it makes you feel any better, I'm avoiding as well.

So I don't know who's winning or losing, to be perfectly honest.

But I do think it is wiser for Obama-Biden supporters to use comments that fill the average voter with the kind of motivation that might get him or her to vote this year. To question voters if they can sit this election out as usual isn't new, but the near Nov-4 uncertainty of polls and their accuracies and whether or not you should just go vote (just in case) is a brilliant tactic at this stage, with only a day remaining. After all, who would vote in an election that lacked the elements of competition, uncertainty and anxiety? Yes, I am appalled that after so many gaffs by the Palin-McCain duo, there could still be competition...but that aside...I do think it's a brilliantly crafted way to get out the vote.

Speaking of which, have you voted yet? Many states have already closed Early Voting, so the best thing to do now if you still need to vote is to plan for Tuesday, November 4th. To find your polling place, visit this polling place finder to verify where you need to vote on November 4th; I would trust its accuracy in giving you correct information because it is in the campaign's own interest...and I'm scared McCain staff are still trying to figure out how to use the internets or just discovering e-mail. Also, feel free to google (or wikipedia?) your state's webpages if you haven't before--your Secretary of State's site is usually a good place to begin :)

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