Friday, October 24


I'm taking back The End of this blog. It's this existential "I blog Therefore I am" thing. You may laugh quietly if necessary.


Earlier this week, a classmate of mine turned around during our 10-minute break and began a rant of why he's going to vote for Obama because he also believes in socialism and thinks it's great to associate with awesome people like Bill Ayers. I blankly stared at him (he was clearly talking to me). Honestly, I could have sworn he was voting Republican--what was I supposed to say? So I didn't say anything at all and tried my best to remain expressionless. I didn't want to seem condescending either, after all, since he does sit in front of me for the rest of the semester.

After about 5 good seconds of complete silence, he burst out, as if it was supposed to be obvious, that he was just being sarcastic. I barely managed to respond, "Oh."

The sad fact remains that I'm still uncertain about how truthfully he had spoken. I hate to conclude anything from such odd interaction, but I'm rather certain that he will be voting down the Republican party line this year. And I really am trying to resist wasting time wondering what he meant by saying any of it to me at all...but it's as if all he wanted to see was a reaction. Was I supposed to react? Was I supposed to correct him? Is it very terrible that I just didn't care?

If I am ever to become a psychologist, perhaps I ought to work on this people apathy I've found to be of such wonderful convenience.

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