Saturday, April 26

You Can't Run Away From These Styles

By now, we can all expect The Clinton Machine to continue campaigning for the rest of our lives...and our children's lives...and their children's...etc.

Anyway, I really don't want to talk about Chris Matthews' drooling ego problem or how much the American people are paying to fund Bill Clinton's political excursions regardless of our political beliefs. Because that would be depressing, wouldn't it.

I was, however, on this snowy April day, listening to a streaming radio station online at It's a relief to find life on Earth, isn't it? Some of us live under rocks, whether by choice or despite ourselves, and hearing strangers make sense is like lifting up your sunglasses after wearing it so long that you forgot you were wearing them. And even if you never see these people in concert, in real life, and they remain faceless, nameless strangers, a sense of nafs empowerment--some revivification of a previously whithering conscience, of knowing that you're traveling not just in the direction in which you're stepping but towards a place you cannot get to fast enough--a deeper reality for yourself is what you're able to take away, be it faceless, nameless, and even strange.

I think becoming too familiar with your news anchors can really go wrong if you forget your real role in life, in this dunya and beyond it. It's weird that some brothers rhymes had to bring me back to remembering that life is beyond the next paycheck, the next semester, the next degree, and certainly the next election. Inshaa'Allah, I will vote for who I believe is better suited for the position, but we have to be wise before we invest our hearts into causes. Some causes are worldly, even if only slightly, and they are not on equal footing with the causes Allah has mentioned for us in the Qur'an, like providing for the poor, taking care of the orphaned, of the sick, of the weak. Small deeds, right? Inshaa'Allah.

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