Thursday, March 6

Hope: Just The Start

Yes, that's Obama alright--even after he won only 1 of 4 primaries held this [third] "Super Tuesday" in RI, VT, OH, and TX. I just visited and read their online version of the coverstory. After reading about how exactly Obama supporters have changed the ways of politics--beyond showing up to "megarallies"--the notion that this young, calm, charming community organizer-turned-senator is only a sensation is nothing but a projection of a sensationalist media.

A closer look at this bottom-to-top movement reveals, at the cellular level, the everyday American--working, paying taxes, managing insurance payments for everything from cars to their children's healthcare. Trapped under a bureaucracy whose salaries we pay, who we employ, so they don't have to worry about their monthly payments, retirement funds, and children's education, individuals like Obama supporters have decided to re-evaluate the position of “elected official.”

I encourage you to check out the Rollingstone piece and compare it to the picture painted by other mainstream media. Contrary to the idea that Barack Obama’s speeches have led to some glass castle, individuals like those who inspired Obama to turn to community organizing are taking matters into their own hands.

Howard Dean’s infamous internet-campaign had failed to translate into real people leaving their laptops and PCs to go canvassing, caucusing, and voting. In this campaign, we see that the internet is only a tool—however useful—and the activists of all voting ages who’ve dedicated themselves beyond the role of “volunteer” and continue to work with each other to help bring the change they want to see in their communities by being forces of change, this is the Obama Campaign. It’s brainstormed, financed, and run by next-door neighbors and classmates.

Whereas the Clinton Machine has dismissed the importance of states like Idaho, Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, Maine, Washington, and many others that have made their choice clear, it’s suddenly decided that California, New York, Texas and Ohio is all you need for an election. It’s just a darn coincidence that the Clintons took those states. Right.

There’s so much I’ve found myself grappling with as this campaign season continues. The reaction to some like Barack Obama as a candidate for the highest leadership position in the nation has shown the real face, the real soul, of America. And for me, I guess seeing reactions on Youtube and comments to all sorts of articles is only bittersweet. I will need another post and another day for this subject.

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