Tuesday, January 22


Ummm... I haven't really had much to share with you these past few months, and I can't say this post is going to change that.

Let's see... Barack Obama is still awesome. Writers' Guild of America is still on strike. John McCain is still running for president of the United States. Inner city kids are still out of luck. We are still "winning" the war in Iraq and disapproving of the Cuban and Venezuelan governments. Men with beards are still being detained and not "tortured." Oil prices are still rising, oil companies are still making profits. College tuitions are still being increased. Scrubs re-runs still take priority over everything else on tv...Did I miss anything?

I think I'll save the Clinton-v.-Obama-v.-Clinton discussion for another day. Also, I think Bill Maher is a bad host. Why would you invite spiritually sound guests to your show if you're atheist and outspokenly so despite the beliefs of your guests? If Maher needs a platform to preach atheism, sure he should have one. But slamming monotheistic faiths, disrespecting theism as a whole, while your guests do not share your beliefs and were not invited to the show to discuss religion, is just bad form. In contrast, there is Jon Stewart and even Stephen Colbert who, despite some crass humor and satirical orientation, are willing to let their guests state their opinions. They let their guests have the spotlight of the show, for at least some time, whereas Maher seems to think he's on his own atheism channel that his "guests" are lucky to appear on. Some of Maher's political opinions are awesome--I do give him credit for that. But the dude seriously needs to work on his hospitality/guest hosting skills. He needs to make up his mind on whether or not he wants to have guests on his show at all.

I decided Tyra Banks is okay--she's totally strange in a very human way during her show, which makes me feel like a less awkward member of the human race, and I hope she continues her quest to dominate the world. Ellen Degeneres is so much funnier than I had imagined all these years--I think I love her show. Tila Tequila should have picked Dani instead of Bobby--I totally had a girl crush on her...still probably do. Dani was too good for her anyway. Doctor Phil is not really a doctor, he does not have a license to practice as either a psychologist or psychiatrist in case you didn't notice, and I quite frankly would like Oprah to pull the plug on this guy. Frank TV, however, has been brilliant to capitalize on idiotic characters who, unfortunately, are not fictional. Project Runway is still amazing, though I can't wait for Ricky (the lingerie guy who can't seem to fit clothes on female bodies) to get the auf wiedersehen from Heidi Klum.

How long do we have to wait for Heroes to return? I just had a dream this morning that I was one of their new characters--it was pretty awesome. I could fly and give powers of flight and invisibility to these children who were in my care. And I think at some point I saw the Haitian smile at me and it was thus established that I was "with him." How strange--I never thought of the Haitian in that way before, at least not while I've been fully conscious. As for Mohinder Suresh...we'll save that for another day.

Sorry if this post sucked--like I said, I don't really have much to share at this time.

auf wiedersehen for now :)

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Percy said...

I like this post. We should be friends, seriously. I feel like I know you from somewhere...

So I SHOULD totally be going to bed now but I can't help but be a troll. So Dani was SO too good for Tila. And I had a crush on her too. Sad. Also TYRA BANKS is crazy. Watch how she crinkles her nose, she looks like those aliens on star trek. I do get a kick out of it.

ellen is HILARIOUS. yeah. just had to affirm that.

I really think you should read the once and future king so I dont have to keep telling you about it. t.h. white is a way better storyteller than me. it's also very political and relevant and I think you could like it. I mean you'd either like it or you wouldn't...

okay I'm really going to bed now au revoir :)

-Ilias... Or your ex roommate.