Wednesday, May 2

Finals Week, Spring '07

Waiting for a bus after another all nighter
...this is what campus looks like at 7am.

This dude--always watching me!
(The Knoll Area, en route to the psych building)

So I think I'm running out of words, mostly because I don't know that many. I had all sorts of plans for this summer, but I've decided to indulge my Seeking System by using the next four months to photograph ants, leaves, and rocks while being with my family in the Black Hills. I think I'll get a find those rocks. Also, the upcoming photos should be much better (in theory) than the above, since I'll actually have a digital camera not compressed into my cellphone :)

For those interested in climate insanity, compare these pictures to the ones I had taken from my apartment almost exactly two months ago.


Shawn said...

Hey I hope finals go well for you.

Samira said...

aww, thanks buddy. you too. we should "work on rosetta" together again ;)


Adam samad said...

You're late for your deadline... lol don't worry I'll let it pass. Inshallah your well and your exams were a breeze. Cant wait too see those summer pictures. TC. Salam.

Samira said...

Not late--first exam in a few hours (Sat. the 12th was/is still the deadline) :)
Pls make dua for me! (though I think I need a little more than dua to get through this week...inshaa'Allah, rt?)

WRS said...

...this is really random. but i was wondering if you know where zia islam is?!? jazaks!

WRS said...

...its me nazia ahmed. not sure if you know me. zia told me about you when he last spoke to me. sent me your blog and i just started reading through it... you're a good writer. :) enjoy your summer...keep bloggin...and i hope to hear from you soon iA. salaam.

Samira said...

huh. well thank you for your kind words regarding my blog. unfortunately, i have no idea who zia islam is (unless i know him by some other name?), but i suppose if/when you do find him, pls convey my gratitude for his readership and advertising :)

have a beautiful summer