Tuesday, April 3

"Love Poems"

1) Maa Shaa' Allah.

2) If you haven't heard of this artist, let me introduce you to Amir Sulaiman. Quite possibly one of the most powerful Muslim orators I've ever encountered. Definitely worth paying close attention to. In high school, my most time-consuming extracurricular activity was oral-interp. From the humble perspective of someone who had to have three years of trying to get a ten-minute piece just perfect with the help of three coaches, I can say that this man has mad skilz. He's a professional in every sense.

3) Maa Shaa' Allah. Dude.

**Because this video may be longer than you have time to spend on it, I would recommend going to
http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=25954906 and clicking "Danger" on the tracks list in the player at the right (the fourth track down on the list?). It's not long, and I think it conveys best what I find remarkable about this man.

Here are Parts 2 & 3 of the above "Upon the Ashes of Babylon":

If you like his work and want to support his endeavors, visit his myspace (OMG I just visited it and the pieces he has playing on the page are *un*believable* WOW.)
http://myspace.com/amirsulaiman and hook yourself up. He has a few albums out already (Cornerstore Folklore, Dead Man Walking, Like A Thief In The Night), including tracks featuring Mos Def (another amazing brother whose work I respect a lot). Dude has a BA in English and is also a high school teacher. That's so tight. Anyway, if you like Spoken Word type stuff, or old-school hip-hop , such as The Fugees who used more than onomatopoeia and physical decriptions of women, you'll be hooked on this man's art. Did I say maa shaa' Allah? :)

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