Thursday, March 1

Weather Or Not

Subhan Allah. Today is National Weather Sux Day. Seriously.

As if it wasn't weird that the University of Minnesota (Twin-Cities) actually closed early this afternoon due to "serious and worsening weather conditions," I can't recall seeing so many "Breaking News" segments on tornados and blizzards.

One of my roommates and I heard people literally screaming outside our building. We ran to our windows and saw all the poor college kids still trying to walk home. We both knew exactly why they were screaming--it isn't so much the coldness (because it's actually not as cold as we saw out here about a month ago) but the feeling of having your face acupunctured by the tiny snowflakes blowing in the wind. In my ten years of living in the northern region of the Midwest, this morning was the most painful walk I've ever had to make home. When I was returning from my morning class and finally got to my block, the wind picked up--I was already running with my eyes closed hoping I wouldn't run into a pole or something...opening my eyes every 8-15 seconds, I nearly ran into a bench right in front of our building entrance. Al Hamdulillah, at least it wasn't too slippery--mostly powder you could run through without falling. If we have class tomorrow and the weather continues this way, I'm totally going out with sunglasses. I really don't care what people think--they probably won't be able to see me with their eyes closed (because they weren't smart enough to think of wearing sunglasses...or goggles, I guess).

Interestingly enough, if you recall, there is a bar across the street from our building. I wrote about its customers in a previous post, "Logic." Anyway, despite the weather, people were still going to the bar. Dude, how much must your life suck for you to venture out in this weather to get beer? So sad :(

I, on the other hand, will spend the rest of this strange day on the seventh floor, with my window a crack open for fresh air, sitting in front of this computer and finding research papers on depression, sleep deprivation, and energy drinks; I have two papers and an exam coming up in my Brain&Emo class (aka affective neuroscience). The first paper is on investigating our own observations of squirrel behavior through a neuropsychological perspective (if you're a student at the U, this assignment was only waiting to become an event in your life). The second, inshaa'Allah, will be a hypothetical study on the effects of sleep deprivation, and sleep deprivation in combination with a popular energy drink (I'm considering one of the flavors of Full Throttle..), all, of course, relative to a control group of depressives without the abovementioned treatments. Maybe I'll post significant information that comes up as I research this topic...

OMG. A pack of screaming college kids just lost it:

"Did the weather just make them retarded?" says my brilliant roommate. We conclude that they, indeed, must be headed for no other destination than...


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