Thursday, January 25

Handkerchiefs and Dish Towels

So i haven't really had time to write between classes, extracurricular and domestic activities...but some things just compel one to write.

About an hour ago, in my Arabic class, we were reading about a woman named Hoda as-Siraawi or something like that. She apparently was exceptionally cultured, coming from a family of high status. She got married at age 13 against her will. Keep in mind that this was Egypt in the late 19th century. Anyway, it was either her husband or her son-in-law who encouraged Hoda and her daughter to de-niqab, if you will, themselves upon arriving to Cairo to pursue higher education. In the text we were reading, they referred to niqab as hijab...and one thing led to another:

One girl begins, "So, I've done A LOT of research on this, and most people who wear hijab don't know this, but there's nothing in the Qur'anic text about wearing hijab."

Three hijabies and two Somali brothers began having blood pressure problems immediately. We were speechless, not because we haven't heard similar (though not as wrong) arguments before, but never have any of us heard such self-proclaimed authority.

Because she's done such research, all of us confused women stuck in ignorance should become educated, do research, and realize that there are better uses for the extra fabric we have laying around?

The sister next to me turned in shock and said, "Mariam (peace and blessings be upon her), who's even idolized by Christians, covers her head!"

First of all, by now, most Muslim women should know the verse relating to "hijab" in Surat an-Nisaa':

The professor diplomatically said, "You know, I don't know much about this topic so let's move on with the text." Smart woman--too kind, really; someone could have gotten strangled today.

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