Sunday, October 1

Pools of Pasts

Sometimes I post when something swims inside of me that shouldn't be there, and the previous post was yet another example. I'm glad it's no longer a part of me :)

Sometimes we need to walk the line to find out why we need to choose between two sides, between two lives, between curiosity and peace of mind. It's almost like rediscovering motivation, to allow experiences to become pools we can look into and identify as inspiration and reason.

Is it worth it? Is it ever worth it... Subhan Allah, I don't know, but I sincerely hope that Allah's Mercy covers us. And instead of spending the rest of the time we have here solely wondering whether or not He will forgive us, we can spend it struggling to put forth the reasons, the actions, that might just reflect that, indeed, it was all worth it. Inshaa'Allah.

Sorry if that last post hurt anyone. Salam :)

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