Tuesday, August 1

Genetic Frenzy

This post is partially intended to "reclaim" my blog; I originally used to write personal reflections and observations here, and though it prolly didn't appeal to--let alone help--anyone else, it was nice to have. Sort of like a treehouse I guess.

So, on Friday, around 4:30pm, my family and I packed into our minivan and headed for Denver. We stayed the night at one of my Dad's cousins' house--it's really a second home for us. The next morning, we got on HWY 87 South, drove through Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and finally arrived at the house of another one of my dad's cousins--Denver's older brother. After spending the night in Dallas, we started on the last segment of the journey to my mom's family reunion in Houston.

For the longest time, there was four of us, grandchildren--all in the US. And all of a sudden, there's eight--ages 25 to 2.5, Al-Hamdulillah. So diverse--yet inevitably the same.

I have a million thoughts every moment, seeing my grandparents so overjoyed to have what they probably never could have imagined, witnessing my mom, who's usually at the level of a younger sister to me, turn even younger now in the presence of her parents. And then there's my dad, to whom I only meant to read the prologue of The Alchemist; and now I'm reading some Khalil Gibran and Angels & Demons as I wait for him to finish the book...

I'll write more later, i'A.

Note to self: write about

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