Friday, July 21

The Treasure of Blogging

One thing that I've found in "the blogosphere" is something I doubt I would ever find sitting by myself in a small Republican town in the rural state of South Dakota (The Officially Patriotic Home of Mount Rushmore, where dissent upon the government is only permissible when it tampers with one of the U.S.'s largest military air force establishments, Ellsworth AFB--just outside our "city limits"). It is an absolute treasure to find comfort, near consolation, in discovering fellow bloggers who often unknowingly keep each other from crossing that threshold between hope and the will to continue "participating" (however peculiarly) in the world, and letting go with resignation and destitution. This is why I blog, and why I hope others find this surreal sense of support by blogging for themselves. And oh yeah, I also have this liking for writing--blogging let's me work on it.

Sabrina, a fellow blogger (and a fellow Bangladeshi), embedded the most credible video I've seen on Israeli Terrorism against the people of Palestine on her blog. It's 1 hour and 19 minutes, featuring Noam Chomsky, Robert Fisk, Hanan Ashrawi, a spokesman from the Refusniks, and other absolutely amazing people unveiling how exactly our tax dollars are being spent. My only criticism is the last few seconds of the film, where I'm not sure how they ended on a note of optimism--kinda doesn't fit the rest of the film. Otherwise, two thumbs up.


Ayah said...

Samira, my love, you lift me up. Not to steal a line from Josh Groban, but to actually describe your words and their meanings.

Please let us have lunch when you are in town next. And Inshaa Allah next time there's something at my house, your remarkable presence will be there.


Samira said...


Oh Ayah, ya ukhti, I am much better in writing (as a concept of a person) than actually in person...I guess you don't know this yet...Anyway, of course we absolutely must converse (you can't get out of it after having made the offer)! But I really am excited to become better acquainted upon returning, and certainly it will be your most remarkable company that will be my humblest honor :)


PS Does it look like we're out doing PR for each other? cuz it totally could...;)

Chimichanga said...

oh wow! You watched the whole thing. I am impressed. Please do distribute it to all your friends.

I might link your blog at some point. Let me know if it's okay!

And, are you from South Dakota? I never met any B'deshi from South Dakota.

Samira said...

a blogger's honor Sabrina :)

And yeah, South Dakota...hehe. Let's just say it has a lot to do with the way I am today. both good and bad, i guess.

Outspoken Soul said...

Watched the video, loved it, and am now putting it on my blog :)

Thanks for helping distribute it !