Monday, July 17

Stripped of Sanity

They say that a person will always fall back to his or her mother tongue at the most extreme emotional here goes. (A "translated" version might appear at the end if I'm up for it.)

Israeli terrorism-er shesh nai--she tai shesh ko-thha. Ami onek chinntha kore nijeke jigyasha korechhi je emon ki jinish thara chaithe pare je thadher nai...Prothhom tho mone-i hobe "National Security." Kothhai-kothhai boli je e national security dhea holo--je shob arob dhesher shorkar-ra (kothhai-kothhai) mene nay je Israel ekta dhesh Middle Eastern para-e. Tharpor naki "Peace" shekhane phuler mothon phute utbe?

Ekta kothha achhe, judhio amar dhhormoer shathe purapuri milena, je "Past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior." Ekhon ke thik mathhai bolbe je thadher national security pawar pore thara chupchap ho-e ey elakai--jekhane kotho rokom kalo takar raja rani-ra boshe achhe--ekta dhesh chalaithe parbe onno dhesh gulo naa hegemonize kore? Kaar shoth-thi kothhai monehoy je pasher je etho theler koa gulo thara next dhokhol korthe cheshta korthe parbe na? Ami judhi e position-e thhaktham, nishchoy amar next target ho-tho--jehetho ami already international recognition pe-echhi--je amar next dhabi hobe economic economic prosperity Middle East-e dhui bhabe pai: 1) America ke thel o-dher dham-e bikri kore; 2) America ke military base banai-the dile. (Dekho ke poyshar paharer upore boshe achhe arob deshe.)

Jotho-i manush bole je eta holo ekta judhdhho musolman ar ihudhi-dher modhdhhe, amar ajkal eta bishshash hoy na. Haenh, shoththi je Jerusalem-e amadher dhhormoer ekta priceless ongsho achhe--ar amra jani je Christian ar ihudhi-dhero dhhormoer taan achhe shekhane. Kinthu ihudhi-dher bishshashe kothhao tho nai je o-dher national security-er name hajar lokkho shey jomir manushke economically cripple kore rakthe hobe, diner por din manushke ahutho, nihotho kore phele rakthe rasthai rasthai. Je ta amra tv on kore dhekchhi--ey amar shara jibon ami dhekhchhi--ey manush rokthothe pore achhe, lasher pore lash, shadha chadhore niye jachchhe--eta kono mothe kono dhhormoer jonno hothe parena. Nishchoy ey dunya-e eshob hoy shodhu jokhon manusher bhithore power ar poyshar khidha bere ey porja-e ashe.

Ami onnor dhhormoer kothha bolchhi ey karone; je pura muslim world e delusion gile boshe achhe--je ihudhira amadherke khothi korar jonno beche achhe, ar ey jonno musolmanra nijer khothi shobche beshi korchhe. Jotho rokom golpo chharthe pare onno dhhormoer manusher, o-dherke kharap dhekhanor jonno, shob amra shara prithhibier dhesh gulir thheke dhekhchhi, porchhi, shunnchhi, ar rithimotho gilchhi.

Palestine amar kachhe ekta humanitarian crisis--ar shodhu ey bhabey ami eta amar dhhormoer bhithore anthe pari. Israelke je onek ihudhira support kore na, eta nishchoi kichhu bole--je ora jeta korchhe, shetar kono mane nai, o-dher nijer dhhormo-eo nai. Etho roktho je phela hochchhe, etar ek mothi achhe: power ar olad...Emon dhui jinish jetar proyojon jibone shesh hobe na, jeta manushke ondhhor porjai-o nie thhamena.

Ekhon dhekho; Konn arob dhesh--jey arob dhesh gulo etho "Free Free Palestine" kortho--ulta mukhe bolchhe nijer kothha (je jehetho Israel o-dherke attack kore nai, ora e "situation"er thheke barie thhakbe) , ar bhulegechhe ey manush gulir jiboner kothha? Kaar proyojon thahole kothhai? Kotho dhekhano hoy je Palestine amadher kolijier tukra--thiiki dhekhanor jonnoy dhekhatho.

Majkhane amar generationer manusher--ar thar agero kotho hajar manusher--dunya tai ebhabe dhhongsho kora hochchhe--korthe dhea hochchhe.

Eyje je pothhe amra dunyatake nichchhi, judhio koeksho bochhor pore thik ho-e ana hoy, amadher tho jibon guli choley jachchhe...


There is no end to Israeli terrorism—that is what it is in the end. I’ve been thinking and asked myself, what could they want that they don’t already have…First, of course, one thinks “National Security.” Hypothetically, let’s say that this national security is granted—that all the Arab national governments (hypothetically) accept that Israel is a country in the Middle Eastern neighborhood. Then would “Peace” bloom there like some flower?

There is a saying, though it may not necessarily completely conform to my religion, that “Past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior.” Now who in their right mind would say that after having their national security, they (Israel) will quietly sit there, in this particular neighborhood—where so many kinds of kings and queens sit upon their thrones of corrupt wealth—and will run their country without hegemony over neighboring states? Who honestly thinks that they would not try to take advantage of, perhaps occupy, the oil fields surrounding them all around? If I was in the place of this hypothetical Israel, certainly my next target—now that I’m internationally recognized as a legitimate state by even Arab nations—would be to demand my right to economic prosperity…And economic prosperity in the Middle East comes in one of two [shades of black]: 1) by selling oil to America at the rates it determines for itself; 2) by letting America build a military base. (Just take a look at who’s sitting atop the mountains of wealth in the Arab countries.)

No matter how insisting some people are that this is some kind of war between Muslims and Jews, I fail to believe this today. Yes, it’s true that there exists a priceless part of our religion in Jerusalem—and we know that Christians and Jews also have their [places/reasons] there. But nowhere in the Judaic teachings does it say that in the name of national security, tens of thousands of the people of this land must be economically crippled; day after day, injured, killed and left on every other street and alley. What we watch on TV—what I’ve seen my entire life—these people lying in blood, corpse after corpse wrapped in white sheets being carried away—this in no way can be part of any religion. Certainly these kinds of things happen in this world only when the hunger for power and money grow inside people to the extent we have before us.

Now I’ve gone off on what seems a tangent to address the beliefs of another religion for a reason; that is the fact that the entire Muslim world is sitting self-deluded—believing that Jews are practically alive to harm us. And this is how Muslims are harming themselves most tragically. Every kind of story is spread about people of other faiths to make them scapegoats, and Muslims from all across the globe are watching, reading, hearing, and swallowing these delusions.

Palestine, to me, is a humanitarian crisis—and only in this light can I accept it as a religious issue. There are many Jews who don’t support the actions of Israel, and that certainly says something—that what [Israel] is doing has no meaningful legitimacy, even in their own faith. So much blood is being spilt, and it surely originates in this: power and wealth…Two things for which “necessity” cannot be satiated, that take man to blindness and still does not end.

Now see; Which Arab nations—the ones that have cried “Free Free Palestine” with so much passion—now have taken off some mask and speak in self-interest (that since Israel has not attacked them, they will stay out of this “situation”) and have forgotten about the lives of so many people? So whose priorities are where? We have been shown so often that Palestine is a part of [this region’s one heart]—and, indeed, it was nothing more than a showing for show.

All the while, the world of my generation—and those thousands of people before it—is being destroyed in this manner…is being allowed to be destroyed.

This path in which we are taking this world—it might just be brought back to course in a few hundred years…Yet our lives are passing us by.


Outspoken Soul said...

Ummmm ! Mashallah! Very cool, finish translating it so I can read it all at once :-D

Your changing of your space layout/whole template really has inspired me to delve into the unknowns of html and attempt to create a blog that actually looks nice AND is useable :) .. I've started, and it looks like it won't be as hard as I thought, insha'Allah!



Samira said...

working on it--sorry!

PS I'm also finishing up a wordpress is a bit better than blogger. Plus it has more resources online. The problem however, is not the thousands of free templates you can get, but to find a free server that let's you use them. The thing is the basic blog you'll get doesn't allow you to work with html/css for some reason, and moving the site to a host server you would usually pay for let's yo do whatever you can imagine. But the basic templates they offer still beat blogger, and is totally free. You might like it.

Wanksta said...

besh arek rokom laglo nijer bhasha-te tomar kotha pore. ashole jokhon ay-rokom onnai prithibir chokher shamne cholte thake, kemon jani ekta bhab lage je nijer bhashata-i bebohar korle hoyto ashol dorod-ta berhote pare...

ajke ay shohorer majkhane birat ekti protest deklam - french, german, arbi ebong aro koy-ek bhashate slogan lekha chilo. onek ay desher shadake-o pelam. chinta korlam...tara jei bhabe amader jonno gola tule hortal/protest kore - amra oder jonno kortam, naki?

sheshe giye ay shob noy-egaro itihasher pore-o musolmanra ekhono dekhlam khali nijeder jonno-i shobche beshi jan diye de. hain, bujhechi je lebanon abong palestine-er obosta khubi kharap ar bolchi na je oder jonno amader effort komano uchit, kintu kemon jani mone hoy je we still don't see the larger picture.

Allay-u zanoyn re go mai. ar khoto din soltam ihudin-tor dush diya diya, nayni? zelar ola amra hara zibon khataya zayyar, ummah hishabo. kita ar khoytam. er lagi amar okhono mono oy ze local cause-or maze na dukhle, ultimately amrar ownership barto nay. heshe giya bayror itiyasho farmu influence khorte. okhon nai, kintu. okhon zar zar nizor bashat boiya nizore thik khoran lagbo.

if you thought writing in bangla was cathartic, try sylheti - seriously!

Samira said...

Prothhom--Onek dhhonnobadh nijer bhashai bolar jonno--apon bhasha jinishta ashole ekti onno dhhoroner bhishsho. Apni je kothhati bolen, je prithhibier kothorokom manush amadher jonno kore kinthu amra odher jonno ebhabhe kortham naki naa, etao arekta jinish amaro khub lage. Musolman hoye amra je justice jinishtake etho onnai korthepari...eta kirokom dhekhai?

Dithio--ami jani na judhi apnar mone achhe naki nai, kintu sylheti bhasha amar bashai cholitho nai, ar etar ek karon holo je amar baba-ma dhui rokom sylheti bole, ar nijer modhdhhe naa bole amakeo shekha hoi nei. Kinto apnar shob kothha bujthe perechhi, jehetho amar dhui dhiker family abar sylhetithei amar shathhe kothha bole. Amar nijer bolthhe gele shobdho khujthe khujthe shomoi cholejetho, kintho apnar tho shei naa--shejonno apnar easy legechhe sylhetithe bolthe. Ar jei bhashai je ami likchhi, etao amar bashai chholitho nei: ashole tv the khobor banglai dhekthe dhekthe monehoijai je important bhishoi hole shodhdhho banglai bolar uchidhh--purely psychological, not habit. Ami karo shathe budhoy jibone ebabhabe shodhdhho banglai mukhamukhi boli nai--beshi formal ar awkward hoytho. Kinthu kenojani raag lagle ey formal bangla tai manai. :)