Friday, July 21

Fugly Rant

First, to get the facts straight [Comverse/AMDOC/AIPAC], I explicitly state that I condemn and do not condone any acts of terrorism on any innocent people, and I believe this as a Muslim. That out of the way...

With all these terrorists out there, including our ever supported Israeli harbingers of PEACE, I'm wondering why nameless, faceless, "casualty"-category civilians get targeted. I mean, why have neither Israel nor Hezbollah (nor any of the groups/individuals/associates of conspiring acts of terror against the Israel-US world--the ones on our List) kidnapped the royal[ly corrupt] families of Saudi Arabia (just long enough for the Saudi people to wake up and get their acts together)?! Does anyone else see these paradoxes that are so off-ticking that they make you laugh in absolute frustration?

I apologize for the lack of charisma and eloquence of this post. Wait, actually, i don't.

And what is with this bs that Iran and Syria have had this all planned out? ARE YOU SERIOUS? %$#$#%$# IF ONLY THEY ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING! Isn't it about that time when the-man-whose-name-must-not-be-written-spoken-or-heard-by-brown-people who tops all our Lists (when Saddam, Il, Assad, or Ahmadinejad's not up there) makes a video or press release? If only ANY group of muslims, with or without a national gov't to back them up, stepped up to help these innocent people from being slaughtered by the Israeli "Defense." And not just in this region of the world--how many impoverished countries exist in this world that these "Islamic States" (including the dictatorship of the Republican Ambassador/puppet of the desi world Musharaf) could actually be helping? Why aren't Muslims sending peace-keepers to Darfur? Moghadishu? the Congo? Or putting economic pressure on countries like Bangladesh to reform the corruption that both corporations and gov't alike have accepted into their cultural fabric?

And I KNEW EGYPT WAS MESSED UP. #$#*%&! How is it that they sit there proudly wearing this Israel-US-approved sticker declaring "We are a democracy!" like it was some Walmart vest?! Gutless, heartless, anti-social hoarders of pride and wealth.

Oh, and Miss I'm Black AND Secretary of State declares before even getting on a plane that she's not going to push for a cease-fire because
"Rice, who's set to travel to New York to meet with U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan on Friday, has said the U.S. would support a cease-fire in the seven-day conflict between Israel and Hezbollah 'when conditions are conducive to do so.' " Meanwhile, as she spits out this horse^&%*, waiting for Israel to light up the "conducive/every non-Zionist in the region is dead and we scored the oil fields/turned everyone else's holy places into our own Shangri-La to optimize tourism revenues" sign, innocent people continue to be murdered, injured, displaced, and terrorized in ways only Israelis have invented--ironically outinventing Hitler--with the help of my ever supportive gov't. "You know how we do."

And here's our "most trusted in news...CNN!": "Israel began its assault on Hezbollah strongholds in Lebanon on July 12 after the militant group killed three Israeli soldiers and kidnapped two others in a cross-border raid." Yeah, because this is how the WHOLE THING BEGAN. right. Vote "TOM LANTOS" Californians--he's a real American who's looking out for your interests!

And on Ha' "Defense Minister Amir Peretz yesterday said Israel will use every possible means to bring about the expected victory. He also said Israel does not intend to occupy Lebanon." Which is really to mean that Israel is in Lebanon by accident? Who is he trying to sell an apology (however sublte) to? It's like me saying, "I will beat the crap out of you. I don't mean to touch you." ???

I have struggled increasingly with my iman all summer--sadly more than ever before--but now have found refreshing incentive to rejuvenate my state: There is NO $#^%$%* WAY I can allow myself to go to the same Hell people like this deserve--it is a risk I absolutely cannot afford.


littlefish said...

"There is NO $#^%$%* WAY I can allow myself to go to the same Hell people like this deserve--it is a risk I absolutely cannot afford."
I like how you said this.
(not too fugly at all :) )

Samira said...

uh...yeah. maybe that wasn't the most respectful or reasonable way to express my emotions (and certainly not organized)...though it's both unfortunately and arguably the most efficiently understood means.

but just to be certain that there are no gray areas in what my statements represent: my understanding and beliefs regarding Heaven and Hell are neither based nor limited to what i wrote in this particular post. Because, well, that would be silly. I was writing out of both anger and frustration--a combination that can kill any kind of writer.

...and now you may begin to see, if you hadn't at first, how exactly out of character this post was for me...i'm usually your typical empathizer enslaved to being pc and diplomatic, or so i would like to assert...

But thank you for trying to console me, littlefish.

Ayah said...

I hate my country's government. (that applies to Egypt and the US). I am so ashamed to say that I am Egyptian when I see the ballslessness it displays in the time of need. And my GOD is Mubarak old. Seriously, I'm surprised that guy is even aware of what's happening around him. Stupid US puppet.

Don't apologize for ranting. Ranting is the the best way to blog. Otherwise you whittle and censor your post down to a fraction of the passion of what it used to be.

Much love.