Thursday, June 22

Sally, Nancy, Bill, & Tucker

The following is a list of people who have taught me to devalue life--to laugh at the idea of the intrinsic human dignity:

Sally Hansen
Nancy Grace
Bill O'Reilly
Tucker Carlson

Oh, and Sally? She doesn't even need her own show to destroy the lives of millions of women: All she needs is her name on a box accompanied by a patch of airbrushed female skin. If beauty is, in fact, in the eye of the beholder, Bloody Mary must have had quite a visit with a young Miss Hansen. Perhaps you are thinking, "Wow, you must've really run into some disaster using one of her products recently..." Well, admitting that I've used tens of her products for nearly a decade and failed each time to remotely resemble any of her Caucasian models, I think I've earned the right to criticize this woman's business. At some point, every girl has to face the fact that dual-textured facecloths are only the beginning to a lifetime of financial and, I would argue, even psychological enslavement to self-deceit.

Why leave out Olay? Neutrogena? Dove? First of all, I found years ago that the first two of these three actually help most skin types; Thus their reps. Their business isn't solely based on the low self-esteems and self-images of women. Sally Hansen products (I've done my research on this) are committed to selling the popularly advertised versions of "beautiful"--none of their products are for the purpose of healthier skin (unless you count nails, in which case, they are the leading marketers). Notice how their products sport "Healthy-looking" feet/skin/etc. And somehow women continue to return to the aisles of this self-proclaimed beauty god--how can people purchase products that harm their bodies while promising to do nothing better than manipulate their appearances to that comparable to tv people (which, may I point out, it doesn't "achieve")?

Olay and Neutrogena, on the other hand, sell products that actually do what they say--go to Olay's website and you'll find "Love the Skin You're In," and, "Not just skin care. Revolutionary cell care." And the products they attribute these kinds of promises to actually perform. I remember when Olay stopped manufacturing foundation about three years back--I actually called the company asking why they discontinued the product and eventually had it mail-ordered--that's how different the quality of that product was. Neutrogena, unanimously, has also certainly established a rep of reliability among consumers. When in doubt, go with a Neutrogena product (which now markets skin care products for men).

Dove...Well. I've never had a good experience with any of their soaps / cleansers (I think the last time I used one of their facewashes back in high school I ended up with hives)...but that's probably more related to my skin type than their products--it works pretty well for others. I respect them, however, for their rather recently launched "Campaign for Real Beauty." Cheesy? Yes. But commendably so. Maybe they'll get somewhere, preferably away from the exploitation of women and their skin. At least they've diverged from the typical body-types for ad models, though I still consider them, like Olay, Neutrogena, Sally Hansen, and the rest, to be exploiters of the female being. *sigh* There're really no winners in this mess, are there?

Nancy, Bill, & Tucker.....* S I G H *...

I LOVVVE the fact that they take ongoing court cases and tell us who's really guilty and who is not. That's just great--cuz that whole trial-by-jury crap was a real waste of our taxpaying time. In fact, why don't we just elimate that third branch of government--what is it called again? the judicial branch? Yeah. I mean, after all, we have Nancy Bill and Tucker to tell us who the real bad guys are. That's all that matters.

Sorry guys. I'm a bit bitter out here. Maybe I'll go find a Hugo Chavez speech to read for fun. Yes, that sounds splendid--you should try it sometime : )

PS Aveeno is still under my study--so far so good.


rima said...

nice points samirai, esp about sally hansen stuff. i've never really used their products nor have i ever really wanted to, but now i definitely won't! :)

Nandita said...

I frequently despise Nancy Grace.

She needs to go back down south and stay there, and stay at home.

and bake pies.

thats all.