Saturday, March 4

Thirteenth Nite

Funniest story of my life.

So I've been a bit appalled by some controversial statements on a particular blog's comments' section. I wrote some things I thought were appropriate at the time. After going back to check for responses to my comment, I saw this dude named Elias defending my statements.

I was sooo surprised. I turned to my roommate, to whom I had been venting, and told her about this Elias guy. At some point, I was like, "Dude, who is he?! Elias, that sounds Muslim. I think I want to marry him..." (Please note that I was kidding.) I turned towards her to tell her about my new fascination...

My roommate's face was bright red, as she said, "Wait Samira. I have something to tell you."



"I am Elias."

Well, I'm glad she stopped before I proposed.
We were meant to live together. Truly.
OMG. I almost proposed to my roommate. Eww.
The female heart is so fickle.
Also, now Twelfth Night doesn't seem so outrageous--shiznit happens? Whatever.


Nandita said...


Aniqua, I love you.


Nandita said...

NO. Ruti is the cleverest.

cough. Not nanpita. thats not clever AT ALL.

(rima Im being sarcastic, but its okay samira cant see us talking behind my hand)


Samira said...

U know, if I went back to your blog and deleted my comment, you would totally sound like a schizo here. Just know how lucky you are to be on my good side.

And that's not how Chinese whisper is used. My white elephant ish made much more sense. This must stop. Stop now! You and your army. You and what army? Whatever.

Wanksta said...

hilarity. make her write for AMWriters. now.

Samira said...

rt now?