Tuesday, January 3

Alhurra (The Free One)...Wow.

Throughout this week on Discovery Times they're airing a short film called, "Media Jihad." My family and I watched it last night--often times the best way to bond is to internally hemorrhage as a group to the same stimulus. Anyway...

Compacted for our ADD conveniences into a one-hour special, we watched Peter Bergen (recall that he is The Expert), misquoted Muslims, with a side of Charlotte Beers*.

The message that was repeated every two minutes was "They are smarter than we think. They are technologically savvy. And they are using the media in every way to manipulate the minds of Muslim youth all around the world."(PARAPHRASED)

To propound the affect, they focused on people holding guns while singing, Muslims in Birmingham (UK) starting sentences with, "We like death," and finally ending with a child in a computer lab somewhere in Pakistan saying, "I can't wait till the day I am grown up and I can fight against the US." And in between, they flashed verses of Qur'an. Oh, I also got a chance to hear some British idiot calling himself Muslim celebrating the deaths of 9-11 by rapping to some Kanye. Wow.


My favorite part of the film was the music in the background used to dramatize the images. Wow. It seemed forever escalating. Suspense dude. Wow.

I did, however, learn about the US's "counter television station for Arabs to have the opportunity to get REAL news," Alhurrah. It was described in the film to have been launched by the US Gov't. to compete with "the jihadists" spreading media, Aljazeera in particular. The film describes the Alhurra project as a failed (and failing) attempt to correct the broadcasting of misinformation.

My conclusion (in case you haven't picked up on it): Wow.

*It took me a while to find Charlotte Beers' name. All I could remember was that she had resigned from the Bush Administration. Yeah, try googling that. Anyway, once known as "the ad queen," she was the Undersecretary of Public Diplomacy during W's first term. She resigned while citing "unspecified health problems." Also, since then, she has been held responsible for the "catastrophic failures" of the US' efforts to counter attack in their media war against God Knows who.

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Ramla said...

amir butler is famous for saying "no hurras for al hurra" bkos the station is so full of crap. isn't that amusing?