Monday, December 19

I Once Felt: Part I

In case you're not convinced that I am unfailingly prone to internally hemorrhaging as a result of learning, basically, that reality bites, here's another piece I had kept in some folder on my desktop.

*This was my reaction to how Dan Rather was slain by the media that used him. By the way, I think I just got overwhelmed and never finished it. How typical. : )

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem

1984 or 2004?

From the spin masters who ordain the thematic reporting status quos for “the media,” to a point where truth is no longer relevant, we are left marooned in a land of utter corruption, wherein the intellect is unwelcome. A well-reputed news anchor has to set up spins that are meant to cause commotions in order for content to be questioned by an android-like public. (Notice how this still does not work.) Content is not subject to criticism in respect to ethics and morale, therefore broadcasted unwarranted. The media has gone from being a tool for politicians to gain votes, to being an institution streamlining the minds of a nation and eliminating the idiosyncratic symbol of democracy—the ability to not only accommodate but also actually encourage and celebrate intellectual and ideological diversity.

Sounds like a sci-fi novel? For those who’ve read the Orson Wells classic, 1984, all that’s left for the Bush Administration is to announce the replacement of the Gregorian Calendar—“My fellow Americans, let us unite as one nation under God, in the year of Ford (maybe Bush would be better suited).”

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