Wednesday, November 30

The Human Condition / A Place Called "Lost"

The following post is actually an old one I wasn't sure about posting. However, about two months later, it still seems to reflect my thoughts. Please excuse the disorganization, wordiness, and lack of flow that I'm too lazy to edit out. So here it is.

Certainly I will not try to define the human condition per say, as I am as much subject to the human condition as any other person and am therefore just as qualified to speak to it as any Tom, Dick and Ahmad. And Aisha, probably.

Anyway, I think this post will go somewhere...inshaa'Allah.

So, as it is, a most inescapable conclusion about life in the dunyaa (phase of existence preceding the phase concerning the grave/post-mordial life) is that we are truly our own enemies. Although shaytaan is in truth vowed to be our enemy, it is we who let ourselves listen to his suggestions. Further, it may be said that a characteristic of the human condition is that a human being is self-destructive.

Obviously, by being in a constant state of struggle (what I understand to be the definition of the state of living), one is actually struggling against one's own self-destruction. This is not to say (nor to marginalize) that people do perform acts that are quite in contrary to self-destructive acts. In fact, these acts of opposition are what permit us to struggle against our self-destruction.

However, (one may think that this post follows in the lines of self-destructive thought) my becoming cognizant of my self-destructive nature may lead to my believing that it is but inevitable that I will self-destruct. Of course, Islamically speaking, nothing is inevitable as all is subject to the domain of Allah, Subhan wa Ta`Aala, Who is indeed The Merciful.

So, thus far, we have a human condition of self-destruction, a realization of one's own self-destructive nature, and the acknowledgement of the existence of The Merciful.

Let us add in worshipping The Merciful, following the Siraat Al Mustaqeem, and being one who has found the means between the two extremes of hope and fear (i.e., hoping for The Mercy of Allah, and fearing His displeasure and wrath).

With the addition of the above to the human condition (characterized by self-destruction), we have a better picture--though by no means complete or accurate--of our existence in the dunyaa.

I think this post was going somewhere.....

Self-destruction, and knowing one's own acts (or thoughts) characterized by it, has the potential to cripple one's determination to strive to better the human condition.

Further, self-destruction may appear to be quite the opposite prima facie. Humility, a characteristic of a pious Muslim, may in fact lead to one believing that one does not deserve The Mercy of Allah, Subhaan wa Ta`Aala. Allah is truly The Just, and certainly we would not want to commit an injustice upon Him. So out of a sense of justice for the Sake of Allah, in addition to humility, one may succumb to accepting that one does not only not deserve to go to Jannah, but that one shouldn't be forgiven.

Certainly there is fallacious reasoning somewhere in the above. If you are reading this and see it, please point it out and explain if you can. It would be a great favor I would certainly appreciate.


Also noteworthy: The image at the beginning of this post is Pablo Picasso's "Guernica." It's actually up in the UN Headquarters in New York today. There are many interesting interpretations of it out there worth reading.


Nandita said...

Asalaamu Alaikum
I am not going to leave some insightful and intelligible comment, because that is not me. I couldn't help but think of Stitch when he cried out "I'm Lost" okay, moving on...

I agree with majority of your entry and It is well thought out. Fluid writing is cool, but abstract and mind hopping banter is the best. Its more user friendly to the rest of the world (i.e. me)

Ignorance is Bliss, oh see how happy the Imbecile is.

For people who can write so well (more so you than I), why can we not function equally as well on a physical level haha. Must be a bengali thing. Anyways Im out like a fat chick in dodgeboll. Ma'Salaam habbibti.

Samira said...

Good observation dude: Disfunctional cognitive processes do seem correlated with disfunction, in general. Sad :(

Samira said...

You absolutely MUST READ Mus`ab Bhai's response to this post that's up as one of my Dec. 22, 2005, posts. It's really good.