Wednesday, November 9

Cardboard Boxes

Recall a time when we could fit into the forts below the dining table, when designated areas of the floor was hot lava, when beds were ships voyaging through treacherous waters. Nothing seemed merely as it was; Even as children, we found simplicity unacceptable.

It is human nature, arguably, that we seek complexity. Perhaps behaving irrationally is subsequently a result of this tendency. With the presupposition that behavior that contradicts reason is characteristic of human nature, is it possible to conclude that behaviors that reflect self-destructive motives are also characteristic of human nature?

Henry David Thoreau left what was for the context of his time the civilized world in order to find a world of simplicity. Why is it that we seek extreme measures to escape the complexities of our lives? By seeking such extremes, are we not further complicating that which may not be as complex as we perceive?

Seeking the middle path (i.e. that proscribed by Islam) makes a lot of sense considering the above. Yet most of us are as the pedal of a pendulum, swinging from one extremity to the other, regardless of whether or not we seek the mean between the extremes.

The Guidance of Allah, Subhan wa Ta`Ala, is a pivotal imperative that determines both whether or not we seek the mean (in the Islamic context) as well as our degree of success in attaining it.

It can thus be concluded that the first four paragraphs of this post may as well have been omitted.

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